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Z (they/them) is a Haitian American artist, writer, director, voice actor, and the creator of Captain Zero. Z was born with an intense love for animation and the arts. Z is also a suicide survivor, and has made it their life's work to use art to empower other underrepresented and creative voices in the world of animation.


Cutting Edge Animation, Z's production company, specializes in creating animated stories that defy viewers' expectations through forward-thinking and innovative storytelling. 

Z is represented by Pam Goldman of Buchwald Talent and is also the Animation Department head at Studio Mahō.

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Built on the cornerstone of our commercial and broadcast departments, our full-service agency offers representation in every area of the entertainment industry: commercial, broadcast, film, theatre, television, literary, feature film packaging, personal appearance, syndication (radio, television and digital), branding/digital, and emerging talent.



Creative Cypher is an entertainment ecosystem founded by Troy Pryor. We produce CONTENT & Live Events. Equally influenced by organizations from Def Jam to Disney, the goal has always been to build a global ecosystem of creatives. The Cypher started as a dynamic group of 30 Black filmmakers in Chicago and has expanded into a diverse collective of entertainment partners. We eliminate the need for permission, allowing creatives to control their own narratives and their work.

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Studio Mahō exists to create a diverse manga and animation brand that focuses on relatable characters, diversity, and unique storytelling while incorporating various mythology from cultures across the globe with their own unique twist.

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