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Lamard Cher-Aimé is a non-binary artist, writer, director, voice actor, and the creator of Captain Zero, an animated TV show in development. Lamard is represented by Buchwald Talent and is passionate about representation in media and creating inclusive and empowering content to help boost the visibility of talented, diverse, and often under-represented voices in the animation industry.

Founded in 2015 as Edge Productions Cutting Edge Animation is a production company dedicated to bringing the cutting edge of animated storytelling. We want viewers to forget they are watching an animated show and instead get immersed in an amazing, heartfelt story. Cutting Edge Animation specializes in building narratives that challenge audiences' expectations and experiences storytelling like never before.

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Built on the cornerstone of our commercial and broadcast departments, our full-service agency offers representation in every area of the entertainment industry: commercial, broadcast, film, theatre, television, literary, feature film packaging, personal appearance, syndication (radio, television and digital), branding/digital, and emerging talent.



Voyage Media is a production company that provides an innovative way for storytellers to connect with producers and bring film, television, and podcast stories to life.

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Studio Mahō exists to create a diverse manga and animation brand that focuses on relatable characters, diversity, and unique storytelling while incorporating various mythology from cultures across the globe with their own unique twist.

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